Martín Ochoa

Singapore University of Technology and Design
8 Somapah Road
487372 Singapore
Tel: +65 6499-8752

I am an assistant professor at the ISTD pillar of SUTD.
I am interested in various aspects of Software Security, including:
Information Flow Analysis, Security Testing, Software Diversity,
Location privacy and applications to Cyber-Physical Systems.

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Upcoming events

ESPRE 2016 (PC Member)

QASA 2016 (PC Member)

STM 2016 (PC Member)

SEC@SAC 2017 (PC Member)

CODASPY 2017 (PC Member)

Past events

SG-CRC 2016 (PC Member) ESSoS 2016 (PC Member) CODASPY 2016 (PC Member)
ESPRE 2015 (PC Member) SECTEST 2015 (PC Co-chair) ESSoS 2014 (PC Member)
SmartGridSec 2014 (PC Member)